We have been creating innovative call centre and IVR solutions for over 20 years. With our wealth of experience in the field, we may be able to help where many off-the-shelf solutions have failed to fit.

We operate a comprehensive resilient communications platform based in the UK, offering IVR, VOIP switching and trunking, inbound and outbound SMS, and insight via real-time reporting. Our secure platform provides all the necessary components needed to operate a customer contact solution for you:

We can provide all the number list management, cleaning and processing so that you can rest assured that your contact strategy will not be a nuisance to your customers.

Working with Square Systems on this project gave us the ability to make rapid progress at the same time as developing our in-house skills. One of our key objectives was to remove our dependencies on external organisations to provide information to customers. With help from Square Systems, we now have a system that is effective and totally under our control.

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